Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Continues to Intensify

by Jason Platzner

While the world is still shaken over the recent terror attacks in France, turmoil between Israelis and Palestinians remains constant in the state of Israel.
While one side aims for unity under one traditional belief and the other demands for independence, it seems the casualties have lately, in a time of peace discussions between the two states, been disregarded as unfortunate effects of conflicting ideals. The attacks remain a harsh day-to-day reality as it seems the killings will, unfortunately, persist for an unimaginable period of time.

A few days ago, Israelis and Jewish teenagers have been killed by a Palestinian attacker near a Jewish settlement on the West Bank. A total of five people were pronounced dead, with one being an 18-year-old American student from Mass. attending a yeshiva. While the most recent attacks have been stabbings, this attack involved a Palestinian man using a machine gun in his car to fire on other cars.

Another cause of concern would be an Islamist Militant Movement’s or Hamas’s encouragement of the attack, as well as so many others, labeling it as heroic over Twitter. Some Palestinians have also rallied around recent violence, when an official of the Palestinian Authority was reported to say that his 2-year-old son asked in a song to ‘‘Buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists,” on Palestinian Authority television.

With the ongoing war in Syria has begun to spill over into Europe, Israel with its close proximity remains a target to both Palestinian militants and terrorists from other parts of the Middle East.  Syrian organizations could possibly be tied to Palestinian militants, but for the moment the focus has been on the terrorist attacks that have struck Israeli streets over the past few months. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called the attacks terrorism during his recent trip to the Middle East. He went on to say that peace talks between Israel and Palestine won’t revive until President Barack Obama leaves office. For now, until Israel settles by slowly surrendering their independence and agreeing to deconstruct its Jewish state, Syria would continue sending fatal movements their way.

The killings at Tel Aviv are a reflection of the ongoing war since the militant in question seems to have yet taken another aggressive order to cause disruption in a place of worship which was a Jewish synagogue. Yet the Arab League secretary-general denounced Israel and its occupation of Palestinian territory in a speech read at the U.N. yesterday, and went on to say that this was the cause of terrorism in Europe and the Middle East.

While Israelis are getting as much help as possible among humanitarian organizations and countries despite the outcry of support for Palestine, it can presently only do so much to protect itself from these isolated attacks. Stabbings and shootings that extinguish Israeli and Palestinian lives have been countered by the Israeli Defense Forces’ and their dedication.

Attacks on the Sinai Peninsula have killed a total of 19 Israelis, with another stabbing taking place today against an Israeli soldier in the Southern West Bank, though the soldier survived the attack and the attacker was shot and killed. The clashes between the two states has also left 94 Palestinians dead, with many being attackers against Israeli citizens and soldiers. Even with John Kerry’s recent visit, the attacks still continue and have not shown any evidence of decreasing.

With the constant wave of violence hitting Israel’s streets, it is not unacceptable to add more precautionary measures as well as defense assets. It’s time for Israel to defend itself by putting utmost security measures in and around its territories, observing possible militant attacks and ultimately defending its inhabitants against any forms of terrorism. No life should be put on the line for any longer, regardless of its religion or beliefs.

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