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Playing Soldier: The Rise of World War II Reenacting

You are inside of a boat moving over an unsteady ocean, the man in front of you shivers from the cold and tries to keep his balance along with the other 20 men in front of him while the boats motor drowns out any audible sound. Your helmet rattles back and forth on your skull as your weapon begins to make your arms sore. Your legs tire from standing in the craft for an hour or so and your 60 pounds of equipment begins to pull you down towards the sea below the boat. A plane passes over your head and it feels as though a freight train just paid you a visit. A series of snaps and cracks comes from in front of you as gunshots echo off the ocean and into your eardrums, the man behind you begins reciting the 23rd Psalm and you realize the Nazis occupying the French coastline have your boat directly in their sights.